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Welcome to Empire Batteries Inc

We are a certified, locally owned and operated company, offering a wide range of quality wholesale battery distribution services in the state of Oregon. Our aim is to supply our valued customers with the same high quality batteries as the retail stores, but with a limited overhead we’re able to bring them to you at a fraction of the cost. We sell top of the line products, many of which are sealed and maintenance free, at good prices. Fast, Free Delivery to other businesses.

• Electric Powered Vehicles

• Farm Equipment & Tractors

• Golf Carts

We supply most types of batteries at our 3 convenient locations in Tigard, Salem and Eugene, including:


• Cars & Trucks
• Commercial Equipment
• Diesel Equipment


We are the Fleet Battery specialists and authorized distributors for Trojan and Lifeline batteries. Deep cycle batteries for use in golf carts and electric vehicles, as well as solar and uninterpretable power supply backup systems are also available.


Call Empire Batteries Inc today to learn more about our services or to place an order.

Various Empire brand heavy equipment batteries

• Marine
• Motorcycles
• RVs